What's In A Name
We are often asked how we came up with our company name, Penny Trail Express, and we always love to share the story.

Our beautiful niece, Lydia, loved people and loved to laugh. Bless her heart, she could never get away with anything. One Saturday night at the age of 16, her parents went out of town and allowed her to stay home alone for the first time.  She was excited and planned to have a friend over. Word of Lydia’s night of freedom quickly spread as flyers were photocopied and distributed.  Lydia learned, to her dismay, she was having a party!
The big night came, and so did the people, a lot of people!  These were good kids, as kids go, and it didn’t get out of control — not really.  Lydia’s mom, Debbie, had been collecting pennies for many years and had a very large container full of the coins sitting just inside the front door.  At some point in the night, the kids started a penny fight.  Pennies were thrown all over the house and yard. They were EVERYWHERE.  When the party ended and the guests went home, Lydia and her friend began the cleanup.  They cleaned and cleaned some more.  They did their very best, but they did miss a "few" pennies.
When Lydia’s parents came home, Debbie began to notice pennies everywhere she looked.  A rather sharp parent, she had a pretty good idea of what had happened, but she knew Lydia was not likely to admit it.  The next time she was alone with one of Lydia’s friends, she asked how she liked the party, indicating Lydia had told her all about it.  The friend spilled it all, laughing about the fun time they had. Lydia was in so much trouble.
Our family had many laughs over that story.  The following year, our beautiful Lydia was killed in an automobile accident.  Throughout our grief and in the years to follow, we continue to recall that story, and it always brings laughter. Whenever any of us find a penny in our path, we take a moment to remember Lydia. When we formed our company, it was only natural to include Lydia.  After all, her trail of pennies always leads us in the right direction.