The Product
The Transport 4 Two is a double occupancy transport chair that allows one caregiver to transport two people at the same time.

The Transport 4 Two is easy to push and maneuver, easily goes over thresholds, contains ultra-durable material, fits through door frames, is collapsible, takes about 30 seconds to break down or set up, and fits in most SUVs.

The Company

The Uses

Thank You

Penny Trail Express, Inc. is a woman-managed, American-produced, and family-founded business. Lead by CEO, Lisa Coleraine, Penny Trail Express, Inc. values the experience of keeping families, couples, and friends together by creating a positive experience for transporting two walking-impaired people.
Penny Trail Express, Inc. created the Transport 4 Two out of need for our 80+ year old grandparents. However, it has multiple uses and functionality. Think about the Sandwich Generation where someone might be taking care of their parent or spouse and a child at the same time. It could be commercialized in Airports, Nursing and Assisted Living Homes, Amusement Parks and Hospitals. The Transport 4 Two makes caregiving more easy and productive by letting one person care for two people.
Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about Penny Trail Express, Inc and our product Transport 4 Two.