Product Story

There once was an elderly couple…

Our product story began when granddaughter, Jill, wanted to take her elderly grandparents for an outing at the local mall. It was a sentimental getaway because her now 80-year-old grandparents had taken her often on this very same trip when she was a child.  When she was young, Paw Paw would carry her through the mall.  He was a tall man so as he carried her, she felt as though she could touch the ceiling.

This trip was different. The roles had reversed, and she was now the one carrying Paw Paw through the mall by wheelchair because his legs were weak and unable to walk safety. Grandma struggled to keep up walking alongside with her walker. She walked slowly and had difficulty walking distances because of the arthritis in her back and knees. Each step she took looked very painful.

How could she get them both to their favorite coffee-drinking spot if they both needed a wheelchair and she could only push one person?

The most logical way she could think of is move them one-by-one in a single wheelchair. The downside was that she would have to leave one of them alone while she got the other. That wasn’t a good option because her grandfather had a tendency to try to walk when unattended, which would lead to him falling. The next option was to have one walk while the other rode in the wheelchair. That, too, was a fall just waiting to happen.  The last option made her smile.  She could have her grandmother ride in her grandfather's lap. Cute, but not exactly safe or comfortable for either.

She needed a second person and a second wheelchair….or a double transport chair. And so...Transport 4 Two transport chair was born. Many months later, the first prototype was ready for its maiden trip to that same mall.

&   everyone lived happily ever after.